APOCALYPSE AU: LOG 5 | Day 16 | 19:30:12 | September 17


-can you lift his head there L? Just, let’s try to move him away from the bathroom stall okay?

Yeah just let me get to that side.

"Aw, what’s the matter? My surprise not good enough for you two?"

You’re a sick person you know that!? Junhyung could’ve died!


Stay focused Nichkhun. He’s breathing. We have to move him to a better part in the hospital. 

Right. But it won’t matter where we go. It looks like that doctor can see us from wherever we are.

"And hear you!"

Great. Well, come on, help me carry him out L.


"And while you guys are doing that, how about a little story? You see, my friend was a bit under the weather when this zombie thing started, and it was a bit tragic to me. We were-"

We can’t go back upstairs. Well, I’m not going to try again after he sent that nurse after us. He’s got a sick sense of humor.

Are you, okay? I mean, that gas he sent to us was really strong. And, you’ve been acting…

I’m fine. Thank you for earlier L. Didn’t think you had it in you to fight.


We just got to take our friend here to a better room so he can rest. There’s one there. Down the hall. Let’s go.

"-and so. I need the right organs for him you see? Luck would have me to find some stumbling fools in my area. Fresh sacks of flesh containing the organs I need. You should be thanking me after I saved you guys from that zombie attack a few days ago. Well, almost all of you."

…W-what? What happened to-

"I’m afraid I can’t tell you. After all, you guys are the main stars of this show now."

L did you see anybody else?

No. I just woke up here after I was knocked out back at the office. Same as you I guess. I don’t know what happened to the others. 

We have to find them. Before he gets to them like with Junhyung.

What? They might not even be here at the hospital. I mean, for all we know, we could’ve been taken all the way across the city.

"Right you are ma boy. So, don’t have any hopes of your girlfriend coming to rescue you. If she’s still alive that is. But you guys do seem sad about it… How about we play a game then?"

L, do you think you can watch Junhyung here?

Where are you going?

I’m just going to look for anything that might help us.

"Well Mr. Buck. Volunteering yourself are we? Hooray! Let’s see your credentials then shall we? Divorced, one child, oh I see. Your little girl is it? Is that who you’re living for?"

"Hahaha! Well okay then! Let’s see if Daddy can save his daughter from the clutches of evil! Let’s see if you can, stay alive."

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