1. zimins said: Oh my… DAYUUMM~
  2. viveleloutre said: By “opinion” does he mean, he wants us (and by that I mean “me”) to go into detail about how attractive he is? Because DAYUM. O__O
  3. ornerykitten said: THAT SMILE. OMF.
  4. hispanicbabe said: i love his eyes and his smile, odg, can i keep him??? OnO
  5. konjae said: he’s a cutie o;
  6. himchan said: AYYYYYYY SEXY BAYBEH
  7. doctor-soos said: I really like his eyes. His nose structure is quite perfect. And his smile is a beauty.
  8. gyuri said: this is not you
  9. myuun said: he’s so beautiful it hurts omfg
  10. junsushi said: Handsome~
  11. virtuallypretty said: HE IS GORGEOUS O M G
  12. karajuku said: i like his eyebrows!
  13. bitchesnhoes-infinita-notte said: COME TO MEEEE
  14. tb-cont said: he is so fucking gorgeous~~
  15. lacey-latte said: He wants to know our opinion? I think he looks good!
  16. handinabriefcase said: he is gorgeous. blasians always are.
  17. j-soulsister said: DEAR GOD HES HOT.
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