Mr. Hyunh’s story

“Many years ago i lived in another country, far away. I was a young man with a family, a beautiful baby girl. I call her Mai. I was the luckiest man in the world. At night I used to dream about our future together, to watch Mai grow up and go to school. To see her be happy. But there was trouble in my country. There was a war in the north, and every day the fighting was coming closer and closer. I knew that this would not be a good place for my child to grow up. I could not keep her safe, maybe not even have enough food for her to eat. So I decided we must try to get out. We must try to find a better life. Everyone was trying to get out. Everywhere there was confusion. Somehow, I got through. The only way out of the city was by helicopter. There were too many people. I begged the soliders, Please! Please take us! Help us find a new life! But he could not. He said there was only room for one of us. Then, I had to make the most difficult decision of my life. I knew I had to do the best thing for Mai. I knew that if I gave Mai to the soldiers, they would take care of her. They would find a home for her. And then as soon as I could, I would get out of the country and find her again. As the helicopter left, the soldier called out the name of a city. This city. He said he would bring her here. It took me twenty years until I could finally get out of the country. That’s why I came to this city. I believe she is here somewhere but I have not been able to find her. Sometimes it is so difficult that I almost give up hope. But I never stop thinking about her. I will never stop trying. I would do anything to see her again. To know that she is happy.”

And then you cry.

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